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  1.适用于中大型桩基础工程施工; Suitable for middle size and large size basic construction

  2.超强的输出扭矩,确保在不同地质状况下完成施工;Super output torque ensure to finish the construction under different geological condition.

  3.柴油机具有自动加速/降速功能,使燃油耗费下降5-10%; diesel motor has the function to increase and reduce speed, which makes the oil cost down 5-10%


  Hydraulic system is applied by import main control loop and forerunner control loop to make the best match under any condition; hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valve and pipe joint are all imported from brand products, which makes the system high reliability.

  5.入岩旋挖钻机,最大加压力达到230kN;The most applying pressure of rotary drilling rig into the rock can reach 230KN.

  6.采用入岩动力头,使钻机钻进普通钻机无法钻进的岩层,可以钻进单轴抗压强度不大于50 MPa的岩层。可提供持续稳定加压力,提高工作效率。先进的加压系统使钻机钻进时桅杆的稳定性大大提高,岩层对钻机的反作用力大部分会被加压系统内部吸收。

  Power head is strong to drill into the rock which can not be drilled by normal drilling rig; it can drill the rock which the uniaxial compressive strength is less than 50MPA. Continuous Stability applied pressure can improve work efficiency. Advanced pressure applying system improves the stablability greatly; the reaction force can be absorbed by the system itself.

  驾驶室 Operation cabin



  operation – Most qualified operation cabin is helpful for improving the max. limited productivity.

  防倾翻、防落物的钢件焊接结构 Steel welded structure for anti dumping and anti falling

  驾驶室的玻璃为安全玻璃,门的开度为180°,设有全开定位机构,并可在车的上、下位置解锁;门上窗为滑移窗。The Cab glass is safety glass. The door can be opened 180 ° and has a full positioning mechanism which can be unlocked in the upper and lower positions; door’s window is the sliding window

  优越的全方位视野Excellent all-round visibility


  Improve the driver's confidence and production efficiency and further reduce the security risks of the operation; can clearly see the operating status of the drill without tilting the body; hood rear window and tapered design of motor cover provide good rear vision.



  Adopt the international advanced level of super-strong, high-torque, electronic control, direct injection, turbocharged, in cold type power system. Efficient turbo features to enhance the performance and power of the engine; a unique Pneumatic equipment can operate normally in plateau; direct injection electronically controlled fuel injection provides precise fuel injection volume, energy saving; efficient combustion chamber can be realized low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise but high power output.

  重量轻,设计紧凑;低振动,环保型;低燃费,低成本,维护保养方便;余力大,高功率,高耐久性,高性能,高附加价值。The light weight, compact design; low vibration, environmentally friendly; low fuel consumption, low cost, easy maintenance; spare capacity, high-power, high durability, high-performance, high-value-added.

  控制系统Control system


  Electrical control system based on CAN-BUS controls intelligently on engine monitoring, machine condition & motion control, virtual instrument display, fault detection, alarm and information display. The key components are all of internationally renowned brands.

  1) 电液控制的有效结合effective combination of electro-hydraulic control


  Overall responsibility for the compound control of engine, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and machine, and comprehensive detection and protection for operation of the machine state such as engines, hydraulic systems, work status. Test the equipment condition by the electrical equipment, and drive the action of the hydraulic and mechanical equipment according to the construction process requirements

  2) 人机交互技术human-computer interaction techniques


  The intuitive interface, real-time display of the machine operating conditions. Equipment and operating personnel, human-computer interaction is directly related to the use of equipment performance and more information to help the operator to keep abreast of the rotary drilling rig working conditions and make the right judgments and adjust. By key operation to complete the work state selection, operating parameters setting, the input and output signal line debugging, system calibration, fault diagnosis query. The system is safe and reliable, stable performance, friendly interface, easy to operate, has the characteristics of intelligent job.

  3)智能故障诊断技术Intelligent Fault Diagnosis


  Fault diagnosis device is detected by the back detection way of the engine, hydraulic system, technical parameters of the control system, to determine whether the rig work well or not. Control downtime and give the fault code in the event of failure in time in order to prevent greater destruction to the machine.

  4)发动机泵功率控制技术engine pump power control technology


  Using closed-loop control operation, the control system according to the power of the engine and the load changes, automatically adjust the size of the hydraulic pump absorbing horse power, the engine and the pump power to achieve optimal matching. Take graded power control set, depending on the working conditions of the engine's ability to work, to reduce the intensity of the work of the engine, the engine and stable operation point of the economic conditions.

  5)自动调垂控制技术automatic vertical control technology


  Independent successful development of rotary drilling rig automatic vertical adjustment function, the function module is integrated within the main control system to improve greatly of control accuracy, cost and with the combination of the rig master system.

  6)桅杆自动起落控制技术mast automatic landing control technology


  Feedback based on the angle of the rotary drilling rig mast, automatically adjusts the mast up, down and around corrective, in the case of unmanned operation can automatically rise mast and adjust the vertical state. And set parameter to change automatically the mast speed and synchronization of the mast automatically up and down.

  液压系统Hydraulic system


  The main oil circuit uses the advanced negative flow control to achieve the flow demand supply. On this basis superimpose the override control of the constant power and electrical power, to make the fullest use of the engine power.


  Auxiliary oil circuit adopts load sensitive control system of the most respected international construction machinery industry. The core component of the load-sensing pump and multiple valves with load compensation is the best match of the pump output power and load conditions, to increase the transmission efficiency of the system to the limit.


  The whole manipulation is pilot control. Reliable pilot logic valve block controls the various movements of the rig. The flexible, safe, comfortable and precise pilot control maximize the operability, sensitivity safe and comfortable of rotary drilling rig, and fully embodies the integration of operator, machine, hydraulic pressure and electricity.


  Advanced control system, matching international brands hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valves and hose fittings, perfectly embodies the essence of Kuny - high reliability!

  驱动装置Drive unit

  动力头Power head


  Super drilling torque with more powerful configuration of dual-motor, dual-reducer; the unique hub built shiftable key; the pulley holder skateboard wear compensation agencies technology; power head speed electronic shift control to ensure the operation of the machine smooth; using two sets of Rexroth motor, main gearbox; the main sports of drilling rod is driven by slewing ring of the main sleeve shaft together with dental board.

  变幅机构Luffing mechanism


  Parallelogram adjustment mechanism with triangular support frame are set to ensure the stability of the mast mobile, to drill accurate positioning without affecting the verticality; the connection point of quadrilateral adjusting structure and mast rely on as far as possible, in order to increase the stability of the mast; adjust mast amplitude and the transport state of the machine height; luffing mechanism coupling is the industry's first new type of self-lubricating bearings.

  主辅卷扬Main and auxiliary hoist


  Use motor and reducer to work stable and reliable; roll pressure rope to prevent the overlapping of steel rope, surge, extrusion and wear; Lebus reel guarantee the layered winding of the steel rope to extend the steel rope life.




  Box structure, built-in partition strengthening to ensure torsional and flexural properties; the overall mast for three sections hinged folding, easy to transport; drill rod, power head connected to the mast around both sides of the rail on the drilling operations from guiding role; turntable structure, joint function, mechanical, electrical interlock limit, safe and reliable; assembly can be adapted to a variety of drill rod, large diameter drill bucket can be installed after the lower mast removable.




  Applying pressure form

  Cylinder pressure applying: pressure applied stable;

  The hoist pressure applying: can be lengthened Casings for large compression stroke, double pressure applied for drilling harder formations.

  钻杆Drill rod

  摩擦式钻杆Friction drill rod


  Easy operation, drilling deep (more layer than the mechanical lock drill rod), drill rod inner and outer layers to drill off the lock problem, to drill smooth; rely on friction to pass the pressure applied by main machine to drill bit, less down force, not suitable for drilling into hard formations. Damping spring, depending on the design of inertia force on the drill rod when loose steel rope, which will help to protect the main machine.



  Mechanical lock type drill rod

  Machine-lock drill rod has big anti-torsion ability to pass large pressure to drill bit without any losses, suitable for drilling hard formations. The mechanical lock drill rod using high-strength alloy pipe, wear-resistant alloy key bar, and special design and process on pressure applied points, down tube parts, retaining ring, torque passed point. The key parts of drill rod are under control in the entire preparation process to ensure high reliability and long life.

  钻具Drill tools


  Main drill tools are grouped into drill bucket, auger, rock barrel drilling, centrifugal unloading slag drill, reamer, etc., can be drilled into the clay layer, gravel, gravel layer and a certain weathering degree of rock.


  Single bottom drilling bucket for clay, loose soil and well cemented pebble.



  Double bottom drilling bucket can be used in the pebbles, permafrost and strongly weathered bedrock, especially suitable for montmorillonite.


  单头螺旋钻头用于岩石层和水位上土层。Single head auger is applied for rock layer and the water level on the soil.


  双头螺旋钻头适合大口径和岩石钻孔。Double head auger suitable for large diameter of rock drilling.

  岩芯钻(筒钻)是一种特殊钻具,通过切割一个环形槽,岩芯就可被冲锤或螺旋钻头破碎。适用于大漂石或坚硬基岩。Core drilling (barrel drilling) is a special drill, by cutting an annular groove; the core can be broken by hammer or auger. Applicable to large boulders or hard bedrock.


  离心卸渣钻具是一种小孔钻具,适用于粘土、软土和泥质胶结岩层。Centrifugal unloading slag drill is a small kind of hole drilling tool, suitable for clay, soft soil and muddy cemented rock formations.


  桩底的扩大对提高桩的承载能力具有重要意义,扩孔钻具是这方面的有效工具。适用于土层或基岩。The expansion in the bottom of the pile is of great significance to improve the carrying capacity of the pile, reaming drill is effective tool applied to the soil or bedrock.



0.5~1: KYR150


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