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  • 技术参数
  • 性能特点
  • 结构特点
  • 施工案例








  Hydraulic Static Pile Driver

  Hydraulic Static Pile Driver is large piling machinery for foundation construction, which completely relies on hydraulic static pressure to jack the pile into ground smoothly and quietly. It is a unique nuisanceless pile foundation construction method that used widely in the development of science and technology as well as people's awareness of environmental protection. It is suitable for jacking pile into the collapsible loess, silty clay, sand layer deposition geological layers, filling soil and so on geological conditions, especially in city construction. So it is an ideal environmentally friendly foundation piling equipment.

  New integrated high-configuration oil system to improve the piling speed;

  Optimized management arranged and interface making the machine installation & disassemble much easier;

  Complete new design of humanized operator cabin making the operate much easier;

  More accurately pile clamping, guiding and position in order to prevent pile oblique;

  More stable structural design of key parts to improve the security.

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